Top 3 things your wedding guests will remember about your Reception vs the top 3 things your guests will forget..

June 6, 2017

Let’s start with the 3 things likely to be forgotten:

  • Guest Book.

Rolling into 2017 wedding season, this old school tradition is one that can be ditched, and equally so the hours of time spent on crafting the creative alternatives, “time capsules,” “Wishing trees” “polaroid’s for cork boards.”  Sadly these thoughtful gestures can go un acknowledged, unappreciated, and frankly can leave you wondering what to do with this creative Shrine post-wedding.  I say either embrace the old school tradition and keep it to, simply, “A book with guest signatures.” Or forget this tradition all together.  Instead, create a hashtag, and/or have a decorative greeting board or display, at your entrance that Welcomes your guests, & sets the mood of your Wedding Reception.

  • Favours.

You: “I’m going to spend hours of my time and more money than anticipated to bestow upon each guest a miniature customized gift as a token of my appreciation.”  Me (as your guest) “what the heck am I going to do with this (customized and dated) photo frame/shot glass/crystal figurine/coaster/tiny jar of jam?  Oh, and guess what? I have two because my guest/spouse/partner received one as well.  Nobody wants to be that heartless person and throw these keepsakes out, but more often than not, they end up at the bottom of the junk drawer, or the donation bin.   Let’s face it, isn’t dinner, drinks and a night out enough of a “gift?”  Instead, as a wise person once said (Or maybe I saw it on facebook somewhere) “Create memories not things” (I’m sure it was more elegantly stated than that, now that I think about it) We are in an era of creating too much waste as it is, think of putting those dollars toward s a photo booth or sketch artist is a complete 2 for 1!  A cool memory and a keepsake.   Or be the Philanthropist and donate those funds to a good cause.  Now, here’s my last tip, on favours. If you are desperately dying to “gifty” your guests, and have access to a hefty budget, two words: Swag Bag!  If you can afford it take a page from People magazine celebrity weddings and fill a bag of disposable, consumable gifts like lip balm, altoids, truffles, Glasses/cellphone cleaning cloth, a salty snack, Mini bar bottles, Face spritzer.

  • The Dress.

Sorry ladies, this pains me to say, as I myself am a self-proclaimed fashion addict, a straight up style junkie, but in all honesty your guests will remember your energy, not your dress, and certainly not the label of that dress,  or the 12 week wait for delivery form Paris. Don’t get me wrong, indulge in the couture that you have been obsessing about since you were 15 if it makes you be the happiest, most confident, gracious you, but remember at the end of the day, the rule is “If the Bride’s Happy, everybody ‘s happy!”

So Now that I’ve burst possibly a few bridal bubbles, lets talk about what your guests will remember!

  • Selfie wall/photo booth.

(refer to no. 2)  Like I said, Free flowing wedding Photo booths, flip books and selfie walls are a tone of interactive entertainment.   Even if you are not a seasoned, lip pouting, selfie taker, watching the antics of fellow guests hamming it up for the camera is always a treat! Bonus, you’ve just captured an image on your handheld device to do with it what you want.  Did I mention hashtag?

  • Music!

Having your wedding set to professional music will elevate you and your guest’s experience. A professional will be able to guide you and your guests through moments of joyous tears, and roaring cheers. From the ceremony to grand entrance, from swanky/chill dinner music to a popping dance floor (remember the scene from Wedding Crashers where Luke Wilson is centred on the dance floor and all guests are completely caught in the moment of the music?)  A pro Wedding  DJ will to be able to read a crowd and play music that appeals to your audience. In fact, a very sought after wedding DJ once told me that it is her personal challenge to get each and every guest up on the dance floor!  Every wedding is graced with a unique dynamic of family and friends, it takes skill to read and play to that crowd.  Furthermore, with the guidance of a  professional wedding DJ, all of the special moments will be highlighted with the pre-determined songs decided at your music consultation. Think “Sound track” to your wedding day!



Finding the Right Wedding Ceremony Music

April 3, 2017

Some couples find that putting the music together for their wedding can be one of the hardest things to do. We often hear how time consuming it is to try and find that perfect song for the ceremony, especially if you want the music to be instrumental. It is very common these days to use songs with words for the ceremony. A perfect example is “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. This has been the most popular song for a bride to walk down the aisle to in the last few years. And just as popular has been The Piano Guys’ instrumental version of this same song.

For those couples who want to use instrumentals for their ceremony, our DJ has put together a list of 20 instrumental artists who have done some wonderful covers and originals. Hopefully this will help save you some time when doing your searching. They are:

  1. The Piano Guys (piano and cello)
  2. The O’Neill Brothers (also known as the Piano Brothers – they do piano and strings)
  3. 2Cellos
  4. T Carter Music (piano/strings/guitar)
  5. Vitamin String Quartet
  6. Brooklyn Duo (piano and cello)
  7. Jon Sarta (Disney piano covers)
  8. Jack Jezzro (Disney guitar covers)
  9. Jenny Oaks Baker (Disney violin covers)
  10. Daniel Jang (violin)
  11. Yiruma (piano)
  12. Peter Gergely (guitar)
  13. Christopher West (piano)
  14. Brian Crain (piano)
  15. John Tesh (or The John Tesh Project – they do piano and sax)
  16. Adam Rafferty (Michael Jackson guitar covers)
  17. Michael Soloway (classical guitar)
  18. Jonathan Cain (modern version of Bridal Chorus – piano)
  19. Greg Joy (Celtic guitar)
  20. Sungha Jung (guitar)

Stay tuned in the Fall for the top 20 First Dances of the last five years!


Guest Book Alternatives…

March 13, 2017

Guest book tables aren’t just for books anymore.

There are so many fun and unique options these days! The traditional Registration Book is a lovely keepsake to open from time to time and read all the beautiful words your guests had for you on your wedding day. Sadly, these books often get stored on a shelf and rarely get flipped through.

If you’d like to find a different and personalized way to let your friends and family show their love, go no further than Pinterest or Etsy for limitless inspiration. You’ll find everything from photo frames to rocking chairs that your guests can write on to express their wishes for you on your special day.

Be creative and have fun!



2017 WEDDING GIVEAWAY … Grand Prize value up to $11 058.97

January 14, 2017

A woman swept off her feet by a romantic proposal can literally be run off her feet planning the most important event of her life.  That’s why today’s trend is booking an “ALL INCLUSIVE WEDDING PACKAGE”.  The time and energy that would be spent sourcing reputable services can now be directed towards personalizing your wedding.

Explore the opportunities that Newlands Golf & Country Club has to offer for your “once in a lifetime wedding day celebration” and enter for your chance to win an “all inclusive wedding package” for 60 guests.  Visit a Newlands Wedding Coordinator from January 14, 2017 and March 31, 2017 for a full facility tour and contest details.


A Cake to Remember

November 7, 2016

Newlands Club Wed all-inclusive wedding packages cover all your wedding essentials including the cake!! Our Newlands Pastry Chefs will make your “cake dreams” come true with their endless creativity and years of experience.

The room decorations have been chosen, flowers ordered and the dress fitted but your still scrolling through the web and pinning cakes like crazy!!

How do you decide between swags or rhinestones? Butter cream or fondant? Is damask print still in? Or do you skip the finished look and opt for a “naked cake” instead?

It’s time to step back and look at your favourite details for your day.

The quilted runner you may have chosen transfers beautifully to fondant. Are your Grandmother’s pearls a focal point around your neck? Add a strand to the base of each tier. Does your dress have the most beautiful detail in the skirt or a gorgeous jewel embellishment? Why not make that the feature on your cake as well?

Now you have the most decadent mousse filled cake adorned with flowers matching your bouquet and all the details that make your wedding day yours!



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